No-Bake Cookies

Untitled design (3)I’ve never really cared for no-bake cookies, and it wasn’t until recently that I started making them from time to time. For some reason the oats mixed with the chocolate fudge mixture has never looked appetizing to me. I will not elaborate. If you have made them, you probably have thought the same thing. Maybe it didn’t bother you. I’ve just always felt that you can’t beat a perfect oven baked, chocolate chip cookie or a warm, crispy peanut butter cookie with a pinch of sugar on top.

My feelings toward no-bake cookies changed one day when I reached for the ingredients to make my chocolate chip cookies, and I realized I was out of eggs. I did, however, have all the ingredients to make the chocolate coconut no-bake cookies that my oldest daughter had been wanting to try. So that’s what we made, and it surprisingly satisfied my craving for chocolate.

My day today was like a no-bake cookie. I started off with a recipe for the perfect day, a perfect, oven baked masterpiece. I had all my lesson plans done for our homeschool, all four grades ready to be taught, check lists waiting for their little boxes to be marked off, quarters for the skating rink arcade ready to be assigned to the children who worked extra hard, and meals were already made or in the crock pot. What I ended up with was a day full of the unexpected. We didn’t finish school when we wanted to, the smiling faces I was expecting were occasionally sour attitudes, we never made it to the skating rink, a shampoo cap got stuck in the tub drain, and the baby sneaked dog food while the puppy happily ate his turkey. It was a crazy day. At the end of it all, while I was feeling completely hopeless and discouraged, I remembered that all was not lost. I did not have the perfect homeschooler’s day, but I did get something done and I was encouraged by those who love me. I felt God’s hand on me all day, and I know He was right there with me, protecting me. It wasn’t a perfect day for baking, but with God’s grace, I’m learning to appreciate my no-bake cookie kind of days because when the weird mixture has set, I’m still left with something sweet. God knows what we are going through, and He is present on the bad days just like He is on the good days. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28


(Written in 2015)

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