The Sun, the Moon, and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

The science behind creation is a passion of mine. So many people have not heard of the science supporting the Bible. It is not because it isn’t there. It is because the ideas and facts are being suppressed by the media and certain members of the scientific community. You see, if there is no God, there is no definitive right or wrong and that soothes the consciences of men. However, the world is full of scientists who support the idea of creation. I have been blessed through this project to read their work and even have the opportunity to correspond with some of them.

I hope in a series of posts to demonstrate how nature itself gives us clues about our Creator. Romans 1:20 shows us that creation teaches us that there is a God and mankind is without excuse. Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”

Currently, I have been studying and writing about the sun and the moon, and that is the topic of this post. The sun and moon that God set in the sky have taught all men that there is a God. Our world has a Creator! It was clearly and miraculously designed with purpose.

The sun provides light which warms the planet and is necessary for plants to grow. It is positioned perfectly within our galaxy to support life on earth. No other star can claim this. The sun also pulls in asteroids and keeps them from hitting us. It shields us from outside cosmic rays and dust. God even uses the sun as a metaphor for Himself in the Bible. Psalm 84:11 says, “For the LORD God is a sun and shield…”

Our moon is unique and performs many vital functions as well. It is unusually large making it an excellent barrier to keep meteors and asteroids from hitting our planet. This is why it is full of craters. According to Dr. DeYoung, author of Astronomy and the Bible, the moon’s useful and essential features include the following: provides light which helps the germination and growth of plants worldwide; can be used as a clock, calendar and compass; and controls the tides.

The tides keep the oceans in place. Many scientists believe that if the moon were much larger or nearer the earth, eventually, the landmasses would be washed away by erosion caused by the out of control tides. You can read about this on ICR’s website at

If you still aren’t convinced of the moon’s significance, Dr. DeYoung has even pointed out that we would not be able to breathe without the moon (pg. 17, Astronomy and the Bible). He states concerning the tides, “Without this water movement, the oceans could stagnate along the world’s seacoasts. The death of marine life- both animals and plants- would soon follow. It is estimated that one-half of our atmospheric oxygen is produced by vegetation living in the seas. This includes kelp and floating phytoplankton, called the ‘grass of the seas.’ Our very breath depends upon the moon’s tidal regulation of intricate ocean food webs.”

It is mathematically impossible that our solar system evolved by chance. Even in studying the sky, we can see that all the intricate working parts point to a designer. God wants you to take note of this. He wants you to come to the conclusion that you have a Creator and that you will seek to know Him.

We have already seen how, undoubtedly, the sun and moon were designed by God with a physical purpose. Not only do they have a physical purpose, God designed them to have a spiritual application as well. They are metaphors for light and darkness. God separates day and night to symbolize our need for His light. You can say that the light represents and illuminates the truth, while darkness is a representation of the suppression of truth and the reign of evil. The Bible says in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Our light is meant to illuminate the goodness of God and the truth that He gives to us. We are not to hide our truth. We are to share it and provide light to those who are stuck in darkness.

Even non-Christians have come to the realization that there is a correlation between light and darkness with good and evil. This affirms exactly what the Bible has said in those verses about nature teaching there is a God. Nature teaches us “good vs. evil” and “truth vs. fallacy”. Think of the famous, secular philosopher Plato and his story, the Allegory of the Cave. In it he describes to Socrates people chained in darkness (in a cave) so that they cannot see themselves or anything else in the cave, only shadows cast upon the cave wall from the fire behind them. They were chained in darkness away from the truth. He uses the sun in his story to represent goodness and truth. He discusses how people naturally reject the light and return to their distorted, dark delusions even when they are freed. It is amazing that nature taught Plato these themes through his observations of light and darkness. The sun, God’s handiwork, declares that there is good and evil in this world. The light illuminates truth, while darkness distorts it. It is so sad that Plato was so close to coming to the truth himself, but did not get to come to know God, our sun, through Jesus Christ! If only he had come to know who the sun and the truth he was searching for really represented!

Let us consider all of the people who are wrapped up in the darkness, bound in chains of an atheist or evolutionary worldview. Pray that they might come to someday see the light: the truth that God made the world; that the world was cursed because of sin; and that God sent Jesus, His Son to save us from the bondage and penalty of our sins.


Next Blog in Series: Science Supports a Young Sun and Moon.

P.S. For resources for your children and to learn more about the project I am helping with, please check out, founded by Janessa Cooper.

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